Alegres Soldados

Alfredo González Díez

Voluntario me alisté, sin dinero crucé la frontera tanto al ir como al venir; de cabo fui y como tal retorné.

-Alfredo González-


Book Presentation of -Happy Soldiers-

While waiting for its publication, in traditional paper format, I am glad to display the content of my book, in this Web Page.

The title of my book is Happy Soldiers.

My work neither tries to reach historical, political or literary goals nor has the most minimal scientific or academic pretension.

I do simply try to report about the sentimental or emotive aspects linked to the persons, whose youth was transformed, due to the wartime, during the past 20th Century.

More specifically, since it was the case of the one, who signs these lines, as a consecuence of the Spanish Civil War´ scourge (1936-1939) and due also to the jolts of the Second World War (1939-1945).

The means of expressing such feelings and emotions remain condensed in the music as well as in the letters of the songs and anthems, which resounded forever, in the hearts of the generation, whose youth had to live during the decades of the thirties and forties.

Being grateful in advance for the attention, which could be paid to this humble work, I remain at the disposal of all those, who would like to exchange opinions and informations, about such convulsed and unforgettable years.

Signed by: Alfredo González Díez